Rochester Tabletop Robotics League

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Ball collection
Poison ball

Ball collection
This is the simplest ball based scoring system.
1.) The player with the most balls in their goal at the end of the match time is the winner. (A player scores when balls are deposited in the players goal. Unlike most sports where a player scores when the ball goes in the opponents goal)
2.) A match may end early if all balls on the play field are consumed.
3.) Any balls launched out of the arena are lost from play and do not count to either player for scoring.
4.) Play field starts with an odd number of balls to help prevent ties.
5.) Number and type set by organizer. See competition posting for selected setup.

Poison ball
Similar rules to Ball collection with the following changes.
1.) Even number of balls
2.) Balls aresplit into 2 groups and marked differently (will use stripes and solids for this example). See competition posting for selected setup.
3.) Every striped ball in the players goal is worth 1 point.
4.) Every solid ball in the players goal is worth -2 points.
5.) If a player deposits balls into the opponents goal they count as normal per above.
6.) Highest score wins.