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Quadrature encoder converter

News  Quadrature to 2*24(yadro) converter

This page is dedicated to the development of a converter of standard quadrature encoder to a YADRO supported format.

In the process of adding a DRO to my 44142 combo lathe / drill machine I found the YADRO project (http://www.yadro.de/). I really liked the idea of this software DRO due to it's low cost and flexibility. I proceeded to build up a set of hardware and ordered a 5um 800mm glass scale quadrature encoder for my X axis. My goal is to make a adapter to convert from quadrature to 2*24 for use with YADRO and many other devices out there.

21JUL10 Well hit a EMI noise issue with my shop vac of all things. (Mill motors would not do it). When turing on or off the vac it would cause the anti glitch code to activate and lock the converter down.
Fix was:
1.) ignore any same imputs (ie 00 to 00 or 10 to 10)
2.) read the input 3 times and if any of those read do not match skip out of the function.

I have included quad_yadro_noglitch.hex firmware which does not have any of the above changes as well. Use this for low EMI nosie enviroments where detecting a encoder error is priority 1 (not needed for most manual mills / lathes ESPECIALY with low resolution scales)
17JUL10 Modified the inital value used after power up. I found if I used 0x000000 the yadro adapter thought the data line was stuck and would go directly to "timeout". Now using 0x000055 to give some inital data edges on power up.

Other news installed it on my mill with a 0.02mm pitch (0.005mm effective with quad edge detection) and it works great. No matter how fast I spin the cranks manualy or under power it never misses a pulse.
27JUN10 I have finished the quadrature firmware and seems to work well. Need to finish mounting my scale then will put it though some more testing.

Quadrature to Yadro adapter
I have finished a hardware dongle based off a PIC16F628 that converts the quadrature protocal into 2*24 protocal. Also included in the readme is how to setup Yadro to work properly with the adapter. 

Code, bill of materials, raw card data, build instructions, and usage instructions are here cen-tech_quadrature_yadro.zip
Make sure to read the README.txt included.
cen-tech to yadro adapter logic
(right click and select "view image" to see larger version)
Note different part population is used for quadrature encoders. See README.txt.