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1960 Willys parkway conversion

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This page is dedicated to the progress (or lack there of) of the rebuild of my 1960 Willys parkway conversion / delivery van. If anyone out there has a good deal on a pair or rear doors or not so rusty body drop me a line via my contact page above!!! This page will not change much till done. See the google photo album and captions for the latest information.

During my search for a new EV donar car my brother found this 1960 Willys parkway conversion. The PTO generator / welder was just too unique to pass up (always wanted a old willys vehical and this was just icing on the cake.). My dad has already threatend to steal it on multiple ocations so have to hurry up and dismantle it so it is harder to "aquire" :)

Base car 1960 Willys parkway conversion with PTO welder.
General information available via my google spreadsheet here: