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Can bus to serial adapter

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This circuit was developed as part of my project to interface my Ipod with my 2008 VW GTI. In the process of getting this working some of the folks in the http://www.golfmkv.com/ forums were interested in it for use as a steering wheel buttons to car PC interface.

19FEB2010 New version of the "button" firmware for the MKV GTI that adds TTL outputs for button presses as well as the serial communication.
14FEB2010 Project finished and web page created. (Raw sniffer and basic button decode firmware working)

Assembled adapter
Final version pre heat shrink.
Heat shrinked version and prototype
Final version heat shrinked and prototype device.

Download the full package (micro code, bill of material, logics, and PCB data) here Can_sniffer.zip.  

Current firmware images included:
VW MKV GTI "infotainment bus" 100kbs
- Raw bus dump (sniffer/snoop)
- Basic steering wheel button decode (when you press a button the adapter sends out "BUx" followed by a line return. x = the number of the button pressed. (see documentation with firmware for list of button numbers) Firmware also has TTL outputs for each of the buttons on the steering wheel. These outputs can be directly interfaced to other devices / inputs without using a PC or another micro. For example you can set up the "phone" button to turn on a light when pressed.

Other function / car support should be possible. Email me with questions.